Copy of your Denture or Partials

A duplicate denture simply means that we make a replica of your current denture. Duplicate dentures are not normally as strong as brand new dentures fabricated with stronger materials. They can function effectively as backups in the event that your main dentures are broken and need to be repaired. The duplicated dentures will look and fit very much like your current dentures, but are not intended to be worn as a permanent replacements. If you choose to have duplicate dentures fabricated, you can also choose to have the teeth shade whitened during this process- at no extra cost!! Many people choose to have their broken dentures repaired and then have duplicate dentures fabricated so that they have backups in case of future denture breakage.


Flexibles Partials and Dentures

Flexi-dentures are a relatively new development in denture materials. The teeth are attached to a slightly flexible gum coloured denture base which extends to make the clasps. They provide a metal free alternative to the partial denture equation.


Over Denture (implant Denture) with Locators.

The Locator Implant Overdenture is indicated when there is an adequate ridge and the prosthesis will be primarily tissue-borne. These implants provide retention and can be used in any number of implants, although a higher number of implants usually function better. Locator implant overdentures are most common in the mandible.


Immediate Dentures

Missing teeth can impair the appearance and the functionality of your mouth. When you are missing one or more teeth, it may impede your ability to chew foods and speak properly as well as cause the remaining teeth to shift out of place Immediate dentures are a popular choice for Hollywood, FL patients who are experiencing tooth loss. They are effective at restoring functionality and improving the look of your smile.